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Modelon Impact uses Modelica as the modeling language. When building or modifying a model, the information will be stored as Modelica code. This code is shown in the Code editor.

The bottom part of the source code can include a Documentation annotation which serves as library component documentation. This part is based on html code, describing typically the model purpose, its behaviour, physics background and can include both math formulas and pictures.

Since it is impractical to edit the HTML code directly in the Modelica source code editor, Modelon Impact includes a documentation editor that allows the user to edit this html code.

Edit model documentation🔗

  1. Right click the model within a workspace package and choose Show Documentation. This will display the documentation of the selected model.


Since the documentation is part of the source code, the model needs to be editable to be able to edit the documentation. Therefore only models within the workspace packages are available for editing. Global libraries are write protected.

  1. Click on the pen icon () to enable the editor.

  1. Do not forget to save changes before leaving the editor by clicking the save icon ().

The editor supports adding pictures, links and other simple text and background operations.


Upload pictures to the Workspace.Resources folder to be able to include them in the documentation.