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Modelon Impact is based on a cloud-native Workspace concept, which allows you to collaborate and share content with other users (in your organisation or with your external clients).

You can manage/configure your Workspaces in the Workspace Management app.

A Workspace is a virtual environment and the configuration of your Workspace is stored in the user environment.

A Workspace includes: - Projects (mandatory, at least one) - Generated Resources (here, Impact stores results, FMUs and more, which are generated by Impact)

A Workspace contains also: - Dependencies to Released Projects, and - Dependencies between Projects

Workspaces are independent of other Workspaces. Content can be shared via Projects. The same Project can be part of multiple Workspaces. Workspaces can be shared via hyperlink, under the condition that all contained Projects are under version control.

A detailed description of the Workspace concept can be found here in the references.


Recommendation: Start a fresh Workspace with a minimal number of Projects for each task, so that you can create a shareable link or snapshot relevant for that task. Small Workspaces are faster to start/load and work with and help you focus on specific problems.