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Library Documentation🔗

Documentation forms part of Modelica Standard Library (MSL) and of Modelon Impact Libraries (what is equivalent Modelon terminology for its libraries compared with MSL).

Modelon Impact is provided with open-source Modelica Standard Library as default and includes all Modelon standard libraries.

It is possible to choose between the MSL versions 3.2.3 or 4.0.0 in workspace Management.

Modelon provides a suite of proprietary libraries available based on the Modelon Impact licensing version. Users can add own libraries which may or may not include the documentation.

Modelica Standard Library documentation🔗

The Modelica Standard Library UsersGuide can be found at the top of MSL library tree.

Click once on the triangle to open up the tree.


Double-clicking on the User Guide opens an "empty" canvas. Modelon Impact displays the model layer on the canvas which is empty in this case.

There are several ways to access the component-specific documentation listed below.

Way 1 - Right click on the component within the library and choose Show Documentation.

Way 2 - Right click on any component placed on the canvas and choose Show documentation.

Way 3 - Component documentation can be shown within the right panel by clicking on the INFORMATION.

This enables an extra window showing the component documentation.

Modelon Library Suite documentation🔗

Modelon libraries documentation can be accessed using the same approach as for Modelica Standard Library (MSL).

The UsersGuide in Modelon libraries can be found under Information in the Modelon library tree.

Information folder includes User Guide, Release Notes and Literature.

Specific component documentation can be opened using one of the above approaches.