Contents of Library

Library structure

The library is divided into a number of sub-packages for different component types. In each package, components are readily available for use in system models. Also found on the top level of the library is the FluidProperties package, which contain definitions of fluid property models.

Environmental Control Library contains the following:

  • Experiments: This package contains experiments that demonstrate the use of the components found in this library. Note that additional experiments are available in several of the component sub-packages (such as the ones illustrating models of the ram air channel).
  • Interfaces: This package contains additional interface connectors that are not found in Modelon.ThermoFluid.Interfaces.
  • Cabin: This package contains models of aircraft cabins. They are available in a simple variant and one for commercial or transport-type aircraft.
  • Compressors: This package contains a dynamic compressor model based on characteristic maps (also called performance maps).
  • Fittings: This package contains flow resistance models. These are used to model component that have no or little length along the flow direction (e.g., orifices or bends).
  • HeatExchangers: This package contains heat exchanger models using map based efficiency or simple eps-NTU. More detailed heat exchanger models based on geometric parameterization and highly accurate Nusselt-type heat transfer correlations are available in Modelon's Heat Exchanger Library.
  • Pipes: This package contains a lumped pipe model with optional dynamic volume. It can be configured to a model with or without heat transfer.
  • Pumps: This package contains a gas ejector model. This is a typical device to push air through a ram air channel.
  • Sensors: This package contains ideal sensors to measure flow and volume characteristics.
  • Sources: This package contains models for setting boundary conditions.
  • SystemBoundary: This package contains models used to set up an inlet air model used to define boundary conditions based on flight path.
  • Turbines: This package contains a generic turbine model with characteristic maps (also called performance maps).
  • Valves: This package contains valve models such as check valves and control valves.
  • Volumes: This package contains elementary closed volume models and the components used to model water extraction and injection as seen in typical ram air channels.
  • Utilities: This package contains useful classes used throughout the library.
  • FluidProperties: This package contains predefined moist air models and templates to formulate additional user-defined air models.
  • Settings_ECL: This component is used to define general system settings for experiments.