VCL Version 2.9

Vapor Cycle Library 2.9 is part of Modelon's 2022.2 release. New versions of Modelon's libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

Version 2.9 contains the changes described below.

Build 1 (2022-06-17)

New features

  • Added model of positive displacement compressors based on 10 coefficients of Refrigeration Capacity, Power Input and Refrigeration Mass Flow Rate (TenCoefficientsBased).The testbench is available here TenCoefficientsCompressor
  • Added model of a positive displacement compressor based on constant volumetric efficiency, isentropic efficiency and mechanical efficiency (FixedEfficiencyCompressor).The testbench is available here FixedEfficiencyCompressor
  • Added simple charge controller with PID. Mass or density can be given as input to control the system mass flow rate/charge
  • Added OnOffDefrostController, to control the compressor, evaporator fan motor and condenser fan motor, based on the evaporator air inlet temperature and defrost mode


  • Improved robustness of Capillary SuctionLine HeatExchanger. The connection between the capillary and the suction line has been fixed. In SLHX, a few issues were fixed. Initialization has been improved, as well as the names of the geometry parameters, which are now more understandable. The discretization option was added to all sections of the SLHX. Also,improved the documentation.
  • Moved the experiment model VaporCycle.HeatExchangers.TwoPhaseTwoPhase.Experiments.CapillarySuctionLine ��� VaporCycle.Experiments.CapillarySuctionLineHX
  • It is now possible to choose different flow coefficients (Kv,Cv,Av,and Aeff) for the valves like VarFlowCoeffValve, SimplePXV, CheckValve, FixedOrifice
  • The VarKvValve is now renamed to VarFlowCoeffValve to support different flow coefficient types. Note that these changes will be taken care of by conversion scripts.
  • Fixed a bug in the WireAndTube HeatExchanger free convection equation. Note that this will change the existing results.
  • Fixed errors in the expression for static head in components SuctionAccumulator, LiquidReceiver & PhaseSeparator

Deprecated classes

Classes that were moved to Deprecated package: this will be handled by the conversion script

  • VaporCycle.HeatExchangers.TwoPhaseTwoPhase.SubComponents.GeometryData.CapillaryTubeSuctionLine ��� VaporCycle.HeatExchangers.TwoPhaseTwoPhase.Deprecated.GeometryData.CapillaryTubeSuctionLine
  • VaporCycle.HeatExchangers.TwoPhaseTwoPhase.SubComponents.Initialization.CapillarySuctionLine ��� VaporCycle.HeatExchangers.TwoPhaseTwoPhase.Deprecated.Initialization.CapillarySuctionLine
  • VaporCycle.HeatExchangers.TwoPhaseTwoPhase.SubComponents.SummaryRecords.CapillarySuctionLine ��� VaporCycle.HeatExchangers.TwoPhaseTwoPhase.Deprecated.SummaryRecords.CapillarySuctionLine
  • VaporCycle.HeatExchangers.TwoPhaseTwoPhase.CapillarySuctionLine ��� VaporCycle.HeatExchangers.TwoPhaseTwoPhase.Deprecated.CapillarySuctionLine