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It's a good practice to add an icon to a model. The icon shows up in the package browser and in the model canvas.

Open the icon editor🔗

  1. Right-click on a model in the package browser
  2. Click on “Edit Icon” to open the icon editor view

Add an icon🔗

There are two ways to add an icon to a model:

  1. Create an icon by using the built-in graphical primitives
  2. Use an existing image

Create an icon by using the drawing tools🔗

Using the drawing tools you can be creative and use graphical primitives like rectangles, ellipse, text, lines and polygons.


  • Small memory footprint
  • Icon can be scaled up and down without any loss of the image quality
  • Self-contained - the information is stored in the model

Use an existing image🔗

An alternative to draw your own icon is to use an existing image. To add an image:

  1. Choose the "Draw Bitmap" tool and pick an image from the image gallery
  2. Or drag an image directly into the icon editor (doing so automatically uploads the image into the Resource folder)


  • Quick way to add an icon


  • Larger memory footprint and the icon will loose quality when scaled up and down
  • The image is stored outside the model