JPL Version 2.6

JetPropulsion Library 2.6 is part of Modelon���s 2023.2 release.

New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers. 

New features

  • New FuelCells package.


  • Add replaceable Medium package for system templates for easier propagation.
  • Update documentation for experiments intended for Physics-based Solving with the steady state solver in Modelon Impact.
  • Added simple experiment for JetPropulsion.Basic.Ducts.

Fixed Issues

  • Changed the reference_X for JetPropulsion.Media.PreDefined.MoistAirKerosene to correct the composition set in the JetPropulsion.Boundaries.AmbientBoundary.
  • Fixed the burn calculation so that when JetPropulsion.Media.PreDefined.MoistAirKerosene is completely dry the combustion product composition is closer what JetPropulsion.Media.PreDefined.DryAirKerosene generates.
  • Fixing OCT exception when usePbS = true, for moisture assertions.
  • Added missing settings_JPL for the TotalSensor.
  • Resolve pedantic errors with regards to the Media

Library structure changes

New classes

  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Ducts.Experiments
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.FuelCells