The Hydro Power Library, or HPL, is targeted to modeling of modeling and simulation of hydro power plant operations. The library can be used to study multiple plant designs and their dynamic behaniors in the early concept design phase.The library offers a complete testing and tunig environment to attian optimal perfoemnce that will translate into real-world operations. It is also ideal for simulating transient operations, such as start-up and load rejection, to verify that the control system handles those scenarios properly.

HPL gives a complete teseting and tuning environment to attain optimal performance that will translate into real-world operation. HPL can also be used to simulate transient operations such as start-up and load rejection. The HPL applications can cover both planning commissioning and control system verification.

Library structure

The library is divided into a number of sub-packages for different component types. In each package, components are readily available for use in system models. In addition to the component packages is an Examples package, which contains a number of examples of system models that can be simulated. These models should give an idea of how the component models in the library can be used, and how results can be presented by integrating different kinds of visualizers in the diagram layer.

Modelon libraries

All Modelon libraries are compatible and can be combined to solve specific engineering design tasks. One library of Modelon is of particular interest for the Hydro Power library is the Modelon Based Library .

Product Presentation