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Modelon's training material aids users to become more productive in their daily work.

The introduction course is split into four 1 day blocks, covering basic and advanced Modelon Impact usage, and basic and advanced Modelica introduction. Each day is divided into several sessions, each with a lecture slide deck, and most with detailed workshops to exercise the content. The following content is mainly focused on dynamic simulation.

In the download section, you can find complementary material to get started with the workshops, as well as solutions.

Downloads🔗 contains a model library that acts as a starting point where you shall implement the workshops. contains a model library with solutions to all the workshops.

Lectures & Workshops🔗

Basic User Training

Focus on basic workflow, from composing a system model, to simulation and getting the results

Advanced User Training

Focus on advanced model architecture, states and initialization, model utilization and troubleshooting

Advanced Modelica Training

Advanced Modelica concepts allowing for flexible model and data architecture, hybrid systems, external code interfaces

The detailed contents covered in each training module are listed in the document below.