Version 2.9

Liquid Cooling Library 2.9 is part of Modelon's 2022.2 release. New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

Build 1 (2022-06-17)


  • It is now possible to choose different flow coefficients (Kv,Cv,Av,and Aeff) for valves like ValveIncompressible, ControlValve_ThreePort, ThermostaticThreePort, ThermostaticValve, FourWayValve, CheckValve, and ThreePortCheckValve
  • This new version includes Physics-based Solving (PbS) technology that enhances steady-state simulation when using Modelon Impact. The Physics-based Solving is implemented in the liquid components of the following packages: Sources, SplitsAndJoins, FlowResistances, and Pipes.
  • A sample system model can be found in FlowBalancing. For more information regarding this feature, please refer to the user's guide: Physics-based Solving.