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Setting up nodelocked licenses🔗


This guide describes how to install or set-up nodelocked licenses for Modelon products. After purchasing a license, you should receive a license file with the file extension .lic. It can be opened with a text editor. This file must be put in a specific folder for the application to find it.

A node-locked license file provided by Modelon will look like the example below:

#Please do not delete this comment line.
INCREMENT ModelonBaseLib modelon 2021.1231 31-dec-2021 uncounted \
HOSTID=af10d89c8e90 ISSUER="Modelon AB" ISSUED=3-sep-2020 \

where, af10d89c8e90 is the host-id or MAC address of the computer where the Modelon application will be used.

Instructions for Windows🔗

  1. Close the application if it is already running.
  2. Open the Application Data folder.
    1. Open the Start menu.
    2. Type %appdata% and press enter. The Application Data folder should now be open. Check that its path is of the form C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming.
  3. Create the folder Modelon\Licenses\Nodelocked if it does not exist already.
  4. Put your license file in the folder Nodelocked.

Instructions for Unix🔗

  1. Copy the license file into <installation folder>\Licenses\Nodelocked.

Updating the license file🔗

To update the license file, you should overwrite the old license file with the new one. Ensure that the old license file is overwritten or removed from the folder since it may otherwise be used instead of the new one, and the application may fail to check out a license.


You must restart the program for license changes to take effect.

Please feel free to contact if you have trouble with any of the steps described above.