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  1. Create a plot by dragging a variable from the result browser into the model canvas.

  2. A new plot is created if the variable is dragged to an empty space in the canvas.

  3. If dragged onto an existing plot the variable is added to the same plot. It’s also possible to drag variables between plots.

  4. The color of individual plots can be changed. Hover the cursor over dot to the left of the name of the plot. Left-click to see menu option. Choose Line color.

  5. Click and drag mouse over plot to augment the view. Repeat to further augment view.

  6. The Time Slider at the bottom of the canvas can also be used to show a line marker in each plot.

  7. A plotted variable can be removed by clicking the button near its legend. It is possible to hide the legends (when not hovering) in a plot window by pressing the button.

Create plots automation

Pin Plots🔗

Pin plots help compare results between different models. Pinned plots remain on the canvas when switching between models. The legend will include the model name for the origin of the plotted variables.

  1. Click on the pin icon to retain a plot in the canvas.

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