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Rename a Workspace🔗

To rename a workspace, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a workspace
  2. After the workspace is created switch to workspace configuration
  3. Click on near the workspace name
  4. Select the rename option
  5. Enter the new name and press enter

Only the workspace name changes after renaming, not the workspace id. The workspace id can be found on the workspace selection screen, by hovering over the name to see the tooltip, or by hovering over the workspace name inside Modelon Impact.


Workspace names are not unique and can be same name for multiple workspaces. However, each workspace is assigned a unique identifier (ID) during creation, which cannot be modified. When you create a workspace either through user interface (UI) or Python client, you provide the desired name for the workspace, and Modelon Impact generates a unique ID for it.

The Workspace is where a user stores models and experiments. A library resource must be copied to a Workspace for it to be edited. Once a workspace name is set, it cannot be changed. To change the name, create a new workspace. Workspace folders can be renamed.

  1. Open Modelon Impact
  2. Click on icon found at the bottom of the HOME page.
  3. Enter a (new) Workspace name.

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