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Export FMU🔗

Each model can be exported as an FMU. The FMU represents an encrypted version of the model. FMUs can be imported at another place in Modelon Impact, but also from any other FMI compliant tool. You can find more information about the FMI standard at

  1. Select the model in the library browser.

  2. Right-click on a class and select the option Export FMU.

  3. Select Model Exchange or Co-simulation and press the EXPORT button.

Modelon Impact support FMI version 2.0. FMI 1.0 can be exported using the API.

Export of FMU is governed by Global FMU export settings.


FMUs generated for the Linux platform contains BLAS library packages.

The FMUs exported from Modelon Impact on the Linux platform can be imported into Simulink through the import block in Modelon's FMI Toolbox for Simulink/Matlab. Importing the Linux FMU using the native FMU block in Simulink will result in Matlab crash due to its incompatibility in loading BLAS libraries.

Export FMU for Impact🔗

  • Follow the 3 steps mentioned above.
  • Make sure the exported FMU is for Linux64 if not open export settings and change the target platform to Linux64.
  • Modelon Impact UI only supports import of Co-simulation FMU's, so change the export option to Co-Simulation.

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