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Heat Exchanger Examples🔗

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Powertrain Cooling And Fan

Experiment for a powertrain cooling (PTC) heat exchanger stack {bar, CAC, condenser, low temperature radiator, radiator, fan}. The test begins with the pressure sources equal and the fan running. As the vehicle velocity input to the pressure source increase the inlet pressure increases. The fan speed then begins to decrease to zero.

Cooler Transient Input On Table

CoolerTransients, and illustrates how to configure the model to run with transient boundary conditions. The transient boundary condition can exist in a file or be specified directly as an array parameter. To specify a transient boundary condition, redeclare the corresponding source component to InputsOnTable.


This experiment uses the testbench AirTwoPhaseHomogeneous where the air flow heats the two-phase flow causing evaporation. The flat tube heat exchanger used was a TwoPhaseAirVertical, some of the specifications include:

Two Phase Liquid Plain Counter Evaporator

This experiment is for a liquid - two phase plate heat exchanger with plain plates and counter-current flow.

The plate heat exchanger uses the default parameters of the component. The start values parameters in the Initialization tab were modified to fit with the set boundary conditions for the liquid flow to heat the two phase flow causing evaporation.