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Command Line Import via Jupyterlab🔗

Impact GUI has a limitation on uploading workspace/library/package which is greater than 100 MB.

On many occasions, the size of the library or workspace or package is more than 100 MB. Attempting to upload such files through Modelon Impact GUI results in an error dialog to appear.

For filesize more than 100 MB, use only Jupyterlab to import the workspace/library/package.

Steps to import via Jupyterlab🔗

  1. Compress the workspace/library/package into a .zip file. The zip archive must have the same name as the workspace/library/package. Make sure the zip file for library/workspace/package is as per the respective Impact directory structure.

  2. Open Jupyterlab from Modelon Impact through the Apps menu (as shown) in the upper right corner of the browser window. Jupyterlab opens in a new browser tab. The JupyterLab interface consists of a main work area containing tabs of documents and activities, a collapsible left sidebar, and a menu bar.

  1. The left sidebar in Jupyterlab contains a file browser. Upload the Zip (compressed workspace/library/package) file in the file browser of jupyterlab window by dragging and dropping files, or by clicking the “Upload Files” button at the top of the file browser. For more information, see the JupyterLab documentation.

  2. The zip file will be uploaded to the current workspace.

  3. To open a new terminal, click the + button in the file browser or press (ctrl+shift+L) and select Terminal in the new Launcher tab

  4. Unzip the uploaded zip file (workspace/library/package) using the following command in jupyterlab terminal.

    unzip <library_name> or <workspace_name> or <package_name>
  5. Move the unzipped (workspace/library/package) folder into the corresponding destination folder using the following command in jupyterlab terminal.

    mv <library_name> or <workspace_name> or <package_name> <destination_folder>

    Eg:- for uploading workspace, destination location is /home/jovyan/impact/workspaces

    mv <workspace_name> /home/jovyan/impact/workspaces
  6. Navigate to the main Modelon Impact window opened in another browser tab. click on the RELOAD button. The workspace/library/package would be uploaded to their respective location.

  7. Go to Jupyterlab tab in the browser. Right-click the uploaded zip file present in the file browser and choose delete to remove the zip file for memory management.

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