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Air Conditioning Examples🔗

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Instructions to run examples:
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Vapour Cycle with Cabin

This is an example of a cabin connected over the evaporator in a vapour cycle. The compressor displacement is controlled to obtain the set-point value of the outlet air temperature from the evaporator.

All air boundary conditions are set in the airInit record. The air mass flow is decided by the blower model which sets a fixed value of the mass flow rate. In this example, the air is recirculated. To change this so that the air is taken from the ambient environment the byPassValve model should be used

Twin Evaporator Cycle

Example of a 2 evaporator system. The cycle summary variables all refer to the front evaporator, for the back evaporator, please refer to the summary of the component.

After 90's of simulation there is a change as the air temperature over the condenser is increased.

Single TXV

This model switches the operation of an air conditioner and a heat pump by switching the flow path of the refrigerant with a four-way valve, thereby reversing the flow of the refrigerant in a direction other than the compressor. The heat transfer coefficient of the refrigerant side in the heat exchanger is calculated at a constant value to accommodate both the evaporator and the condenser.