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Record Summary🔗

A summary record is a component allowing to collect chosen parameters, variables, discretes or constants from selected model components. It helps user to quickly access and filter the data of interest.


A summary record will be created including one parameter and one variable from a chosen model shown as an example.

  1. Duplicate Modelica.Fluid.Examples.PumpingSystem to your workspace.

  2. Create a new record type class and call it summary.


The summary record is opened automatically.

  1. Go to the summary details panel and add a new parameter by button.

  2. Call the parameter reservoir_height, choose the Variability = parameter, Type = Height (m) and tooltip Description = "Reservoir geometry height".

  1. Similarly, create a new variable called pump_mass_flow, Variability = Variable, Type = MassFlowRate (kg/s), Description = "Pump mass flow rate".


Start typing the Type name to the drop down list and it will keep filtering available units options for you.

  1. Open PumpingSystem in your workspace and add summary


You can open the model in the new browser tab, to keep both summary record and model opened at the same time.

  1. Adjust summary > General > reservoir_height: reservoir.height.

  1. The summary > Variables > pump_mass_flow cannot be adjusted from the UI, so let's open the code editor as show below.

  2. Adjust line 17 by defining pump_mass_flow = pumps.m_flow to the summary definition, as shown below. (summary(reservoir_height = reservoir.height,pump_mass_flow = pumps.m_flow)

  1. Run the model.

  2. Once the simulation finishes, go to CALCULATED VALUES and type: "summary". This filters down the summary specified parameter and variable.

  1. Create plot showing both the variables.