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Troubleshoot - Modelon Impact🔗

It is not possible to get the variable description in the results🔗

Hovering mouse over the variable in the Results mode, does not show a tooltip including the variable description.

Solution: It is necessary to go to modeling mode and find the parameter there.

Custom function or web-app is not shown in Modelon Impact.🔗

Sometimes a custom function or web-app is not shown in Modelon Impact (not loaded properly).

Solution: Check the server log file available in C:/Users/<user_name>/impact/logs. A common problem might be caused by tabs being converted to spaces resulting in unrecognized indentations.

Modelon Impact keeps loading page repeatedly without any success.🔗

This can sometimes happen on Azure based servers, when user wakes up a computer from sleep or logs in back after some time. It is caused by broken cookies and cache.

Solution: Save all material opened in the browser and restart browser.

Compilation errors🔗

When a model does not compile, an error message is displayed with link to the part of the model source code for further investigation.

  1. Failed compilation result in an error message desplayed below the navigation bar.
  2. An error message contains a link that when clicked opens the code editor and places the view at the relevant code line for further investigation and troubleshooting.

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