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Running a Custom Function:🔗

See Run Custom Functions for a quick how to and overview of running Custom Functions.

  1. Select Experiment mode.

  2. Go to the Experiment section of the Details browser. Select Custom.

  3. Select your Custom Function in the drop-down list. If a Custom Function is not loaded, check the server log file available in /home/jovyan/impact/logs folder. The log file is also useful for any other Custom Function-related server logs.

  4. Reload (press F5) the website if you have just added or modified the Custom Function.

  5. Hover over the Simulation button in the Model canvas and select the Custom Function wanted.

  6. Simulate using the Custom Function by pressing the Simulation button on the Model Canvas.

  7. Browse the results in the Results section in the Details browser (available if the Custom Function writes a result file).