Refrigeration System with SLHX

This is a template for a refrigeration system with R-134 as default refrigerant. A vapor compression cycle with a natural convection wire and tube condenser (WireAndTubeHX) , a suction line heat exchanger (CapillarySuctionLine ), a generic cross flow air evaporator (CrossFlow), and a fixed displacement fixed efficiency compressor (FixedEfficiencyCompressor) as default components.   

The charge of the system is regulated by the receiver and a charge controller (ChargeController).  The compressor, fan, and evaporator  are controlled by the  on-off defrost controller (OnOffDefrostController).  

The system uses air as secondary fluid at the evaporator side, and a prescribed temperature as boundary condition at the condenser side.

The refrigeration cabinet is modelled by a simplified thermal capacitance, with a thermal resistance for heat losses.