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HTML Report Generation Example🔗

Below is code for a custom function that uses Plotly, Pandas and Dominate to generate a HTML report.

import io

import dominate
from dominate.util import raw
from dominate import tags as tags
import numpy
import pandas
import as px
import seaborn

def signature():
    return {
        "version": "0.0.1",
        "name": "HTML report generation",
        "description": "Generates a HTML report with interactive plot and table data.",

def run(upload_custom_artifact):
    s = io.StringIO()
    t = numpy.linspace(0, 2*numpy.pi, 100)
    fig = px.line(x=t, y=numpy.cos(t), labels={'x':'t', 'y':'cos(t)'})

    df = pandas.DataFrame({'A': numpy.random.randn(7), 'B': numpy.random.randn(7)})
    cmap = seaborn.light_palette("green", as_cmap=True)
    df =

    doc = dominate.document(title='My HTML Report 😃')
    with doc.head:"body{ margin:0 100; }")

    with doc.body:
        tags.h1("Model-based system design report")
        tags.h2("Plot section")
        tags.p("Description of plot.")

        tags.h2("Data Table")

    html_report_file = "file.html"
    with open(html_report_file, 'w') as f:

    artifact_route = upload_custom_artifact("html_report", html_report_file)
    print('HTML report can be viewed @artifact[here]({})'.format(artifact_route))

The generated report viewed in a browser will look as: