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Setup a Single run Experiment🔗

The easiest way to run an Experiment is the Single run. A Single run performs just one simulation and delivers one result (trajectory) per variable.

  1. Go to Experiment layer -> Diagram View -> Right sidebar.
  2. In the EXPERIMENT browser, - Click "+ New experiment" button to add a new Experiment, or - Select another Experiment from the list

Via Diagram View:

  1. Select a component on the canvas by clicking on it.
  2. Got to the right sidebar -> PROPERTIES
  3. Change the parameter you want to change for the selected Experiment

Via Experiment Setup View:

  1. Select "Single run", if not selected as per default
  2. Click "+ Add modifier" to select a parameter you want to change.
    (Use IntelliSense to help you to find the right path.)
  3. Click
    • "Checkmark" button to confirm/submit, or
    • "Crossmark" button to discard.
  4. By default, Impact adds the value from the model to the parameter.
    Click into the field to switch to "edit mode"
  5. Enter a value
    • By hovering over the parameter name on the left, a tooltip shows the datatype of the parameter.
    • Make sure that the entered value returns the required datatype:
    • Real: any number with or without a decimal operator, like 12 or 3.14 or -6e2
    • Integer: any number without a decimal operator, like 12 or -6e2
    • String: any value/text in quotation marks, like "foo"
    • Boolean: a Boolean value, means either true or false
    • Enum (enumeration): a value that returns the Modelica path of an alternative like .Modelica.Blocks.Types.SimpleController.PI
    • Note: Modelica expressions, as they are used in the modeling layer, are not yet supported! The modifications must be constant values.
  6. Click
    • "Checkmark" button to confirm/submit, or
    • "Crossmark" button to discard.

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