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Hydraulics Examples🔗

CRDI system

The common rail diesel injection system is assembled here. The high pressure pump, the rail model, connection pipe models developed in the other models are assembled here.

The high pressure pump receives fluid from a transfer pump (roughly 5 bar) and pumps it to the required level (500 to 1500 bar). The pump consists of three piston - chamber assembly. Each piston pump has an inlet check valve and outlet check valve.

Closed Loop Control

As seen in the Open Loop Control example, a simple voltage profile fed to solenoids properly enables to change gears but a certain amount of shift shock is clearly observed. Reducing such shift shock is a significant challenge for OEMs and suppliers because shift quality is one of the most important factors for stress free driving experience and comfort. One solution to achieve smooth transients is to use a closed loop controller that can accurately follow an optimal pressure profile.