Version 1.5

Aircraft Dynamics Library 1.5 is part of Modelon’s 2021.2 release.

New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers. 

New features

  • Added two HighPerformance aircraft examples have that uses components from multiple libraries:
    1. Engine from JetPropulsion library.
    2. Tanks from FuelSystem library.
    3. Machines from Electrification library.
    4. Silencer from Pneumatics library.
    5. Actuators from Hydraulics library.


  • Replaced old environement models with a package of new environement models from Modelon base library, including separate models for atmosphere and individual vehicles.
  • The massCalculation parameter has been moved to a new class MassUpdate which was previously in the WorldRepresentation.
  • Relative Humidity "phi" as a parameter has been removed from Atmosphere models and has been set to a constant value of '0.1'.

Moved classes

  • AircraftDynamics.Utilities.CoordinateSystems.WorldRepresentation → Modelon.Environment.WorldRepresentation
  • AircraftDynamics.Utilities.Types → Modelon.Environment.Utilities.WorldRepresentations.Types
  • AircraftDynamics.Atmospheres.Interfaces.Base → Modelon.Environment.Atmosphere
  • AircraftDynamics.Atmospheres.Examples.Constant → Modelon.Environment.AtmosphereImplementations.Constant
  • AircraftDynamics.Atmospheres.Examples.ISA → Modelon.Environment.AtmosphereImplementations.ISA_fixed
  • AircraftDynamics.Atmospheres.Examples.US76 → Modelon.Environment.AtmosphereImplementations.US76
  • AircraftDynamics.Atmospheres.Examples.FromInputs → Modelon.Environment.AtmosphereImplementations.Flexible
  • AircraftDynamics.Atmospheres.Interfaces → Modelon.Environment.Utilities.Interfaces
  • AircraftDynamics.Atmospheres.Internal.ISA.ICAOConstants → Modelon.Environment.Utilities.Constants
  • AircraftDynamics.Atmospheres.Internal → Modelon.Environment.Utilities.Functions

New classes

  • AircraftDynamics.Examples.HighPerformance
  • AircraftDynamics.Utilities.Mass.MassUpdate