Version 4.15

Hydraulics Library 4.15 is part of Modelon’s 2021.2 release.

New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers. 

New features

  • Added a utility - and associated examples - to plot fluid properties.
  • The Elements package now uses a modular structure to select the fidelity of the modeled physical effects as well as to define the geometric parametrization. See Hydraulics.Elements.Information.GeneralInstructions for more info!


  • Complete review of all experiment-annotations
  • Harmonized code layer of ZeroVolume and Volume.
  • Moved reverse parameter in Elements to the General tab so it becomes more accessible.

Fixed issues

  • The Tabular fluid model was corrected to account for entrapped air and saturation pressure in the Fluid property calculations.
  • Revised ZeroVolume model. Error in enthaply mixtures is corrected.

New classes

  • Hydraulics.Fluids.Utilities.PropertiesPlotter
  • Hydraulics.Elements.Base.Interfaces.Basic
  • Hydraulics.Elements.Base.FluidProperties
  • Hydraulics.Elements.Base.FlowCharacterstics
  • Hydraulics.Elements.Base.Geometry

Obsolete classes

Obsolete classes are placed in the package Utilities.Deprecated and will be removed after a year from the release when they were put in the deprecated package.

Note: mapping between deprecated model/package with matching model in the library is denoted using sign "=>". That is, when migrating to HL 4.15, using conversion scripts, automatic conversion will be done to all existing models to point to the deprecated package. User can easily migrate models from deprecated package to updated models in library by referring to the mapping given in each bullet point. Extra details about mapping are given along with each bullet point where ever required.

Refer to Migration Guidelines HL 4.15 section for more details about migration.

  • Hydraulics.Utilities.Deprecated.Elements.PreDefined => Hydraulics.Elements.Examples.Components "Updated models in package Hydraulics.Elements.Examples.Components to the new modular architecture."
  • Hydraulics.Utilities.Deprecated.Elements.Examples => Hydraulics.Elements.Examples "Updated experiments in package Hydraulics.Elements.Examples to the new modular architecture."
  • Hydraulics.Utilities.Deprecated.Elements.Templates => Hydraulics.Elements.Base.Templates "Updated templates in package Hydraulics.Elements.Base.Templates to have modular(replaceable) parametrization"
  • Hydraulics.Utilities.Deprecated.Elements.Leakage => Hydraulics.Elements.Leakage "Updated model to have modular(replaceable) parametrization"
  • Hydraulics.Utilities.Deprecated.Elements.Piston => Hydraulics.Elements.Piston "Updated model to have modular(replaceable) parametrization"
  • Hydraulics.Utilities.Deprecated.Elements.SpoolValve => Hydraulics.Elements.SpoolValve "Updated model to have modular(replaceable) parametrization"
  • Hydraulics.Utilities.Deprecated.Elements.PoppetLift => Hydraulics.Elements.PoppetLift "Updated model to have modular(replaceable) parametrization"
  • Hydraulics.Utilities.Deprecated.Elements.PoppetLiftCone => Hydraulics.Elements.PoppetLiftCone "Updated model to have modular(replaceable) parametrization"
  • Hydraulics.Utilities.Deprecated.Elements.PoppetLiftConicalSharpEdge => Hydraulics.Elements.PoppetLiftConicalSharpEdge "Updated model to have modular(replaceable) parametrization"