Version 2.0

JetPropulsion Library 2.0 is part of Modelon’s 2020.1 release.

New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers. 


This new version includes Physics based Solving technology that enhances steady-state simulation when using Modelon Optimica Compiler Toolkit. The Physics-based Solving implemented in the Jet Propulsion library relies on Modelon insights about the physical properties of components and systems to achieve a structure of the system of equations that yields vastly superior numerical properties as compared to traditional tearing algorithms. Refer to this tutorial to learn more about Physics based Solving technology.

Build 1 (2020-06-12)

New features

  • Physics-based Solving implemented in the following components:
    • JetPropulsion.Ambient.BasicAmbient
    • JetPropulsion.Boundaries.PressureBoundary
    • JetPropulsion.Basic.Compressors.Compressor
    • JetPropulsion.Basic.Compressors.RlineMaps.Default
    • JetPropulsion.Basic.Compressors.RlineMaps.ExternalFile
    • JetPropulsion.Basic.Compressors.RlineMaps.ExternalFile3D
    • JetPropulsion.Basic.Compressors.RlineMaps.Templates.RlineMap
    • JetPropulsion.Basic.Compressors.RlineMaps.Templates.RlineMap3D
    • JetPropulsion.Basic.Burners.WithInputPort
    • JetPropulsion.Basic.Turbines.Turbine
    • JetPropulsion.Basic.Turbines.PRmaps.Default
    • JetPropulsion.Basic.Turbines.PRmaps.ExternalFile
    • JetPropulsion.Basic.Turbines.PRmaps.RlineBasedExternalFile
    • JetPropulsion.Basic.Turbines.PRmaps.Templates.CorrectedSpeedAndPressureRatio
    • JetPropulsion.Basic.Turbines.PRmaps.Templates.CorrectedSpeedAndRline
    • JetPropulsion.Basic.Nozzles.Nozzle
    • JetPropulsion.Basic.Splitters.Splitter
    • JetPropulsion.Basic.Ducts.Duct
    • JetPropulsion.CyclePerformance.Control.Boundary.FlowRateFromBurnerOutletTemp
    • JetPropulsion.CyclePerformance.Control.Splitter.FprFromSpecificThrust
    • JetPropulsion.CyclePerformance.Control.Fan.BypassRatioFromVelocityRatioCranfield
    • JetPropulsion.CyclePerformance.Control.Fan.BypassRatioFromVelocityRatioGlenn
    • JetPropulsion.CyclePerformance.Control.Compressor.OverallPressureRatio
    • JetPropulsion.CyclePerformance.Control.Compressor.FlowFractionFromTurbineBladeTemp
    • JetPropulsion.CyclePerformance.Control.Burner.FarFromNetThrust
    • JetPropulsion.CyclePerformance.Control.Burner.FarFromOutletTemp
    • JetPropulsion.CyclePerformance.Control.Burner.FarFromOutletTempAndSpeed
  • It is now possible to specify externally some design values for Compressor, Turbine and Burner, in order to enable global cycle control.
  • Single point and Multi point sizing examples


  • Parameter switchInit in Volume model is moved to the Initialization tab.
  • Added icons for components previously without icon.
  • Removed display functionality from JetPropulsion.CyclePerformance.Aggregates.CycleProperties - dedicated display component was added.
  • Maps interpolate the design point instead of iterating during the initialization.
  • Turbine maps classes are now locally balanced
  • The geo and Shaft_geo parameters under the Mass tab for the compressor, burner, turbine, nozzle, mixer and duct components are now set as replaceable records.
  • The type of the elements in the Geometry records has been changed to parameters from variables.

Fixed issues

  • The gear ratio for the Geared Turbofan example models is updated to 3.

Library structure changes

New classes

  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Burners.WithInputPort
  • JetPropulsion.CyclePerformance.Aggregates.Turbojet
  • JetPropulsion.CyclePerformance.Aggregates.Turbofan
  • JetPropulsion.CyclePerformance.Aggregates.Display
  • JetPropulsion.CyclePerformance.Control - New package including many cycle control strategies and the associated base classes.

Renamed classes

  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Fuel -> JetPropulsion.Basic.Burners
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Fuel.Burner -> JetPropulsion.Basic.Burners.WithPhysicalPort

Build 2 (2020-06-12)


  • Added annotation in ambient to have text on the icon to be meaningful when using PbS.

Fixed issues

  • isSource=false is set to all instances of sinks and bleeds.
  • Fixed an indexing problem with second-order Lagrange interpolation function to identify the last index in a table.