Version 2.1

JetPropulsion Library 2.1 is part of Modelon’s 2020.2 release.

New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers. 

Build 1 (2020-09-18)


  • Mass estimation models are now implemented as equations instead of algorithms. They are also made replaceable to make it easier to use customized mass estimation methods. WATE-specific parameters (geo, nStg_max and use_nStgInput) are moved inside the WATE mass estimation implementation, while common variables, like state records, are available in the interface.
  • Added individual documentation for the GearedTurbofan and MixedTurbofan experiment models and the JT9D examples have been grouped.

Build 2 (2020-10-19)

Fixed issues

  • The Single point custom functions - A1 & A2 has been updated to work properly with latest version of Modelon Impact.

Build 3 (2020-11-09)

Fixed issues

  • Rectified the Geared turbofan polytropic efficiency in high pressure compressor to 92.5% and high pressure turbine to 90.7%
  • Corrected the custom functions B1 & B2 to work with latest version of Modelon Impact.

Library structure changes

New classes

  • JetPropulsion.Experiments.JT9D.Information

Moved classes

  • JetPropulsion.Experiments.JT9D --> JetPropulsion.Experiments.JT9D.OnDesign
  • JetPropulsion.Experiments.JT9D_forThrustHook --> JetPropulsion.Experiments.JT9D.OnDesign_ThrustHook
  • JetPropulsion.Experiments.JT9D_weightEstimation --> JetPropulsion.Experiments.JT9D.OnDesign_WeightEstimation
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.MassEstimate.AxialCompressor --> JetPropulsion.Basic.MassEstimate.Compressors.Onat1979Axial
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.MassEstimate.AxialTurbine --> JetPropulsion.Basic.MassEstimate.Turbines.Onat1979Axial
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.MassEstimate.Duct --> JetPropulsion.Basic.MassEstimate.Ducts.Onat1979
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.MassEstimate.Burner --> JetPropulsion.Basic.MassEstimate.Burners.Onat1979
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.MassEstimate.Shaft --> JetPropulsion.Basic.MassEstimate.Shafts.Onat1979
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.MassEstimate.Mixer --> JetPropulsion.Basic.MassEstimate.Mixers.Onat1979
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.MassEstimate.Nozzle --> JetPropulsion.Basic.MassEstimate.Nozzles.Onat1979

Renamed classes

  • JetPropulsion.Experiments.GearedTurbofan.PaperTurbofan --> JetPropulsion.Experiments.GearedTurbofan.MultiPoint

Build 4 (2020-12-14)

Fixed Issues

  • Corrected usage of the non-existing parameter used in parameter enable annotation.