Version 3.5

Modelon Library 3.5 is part of Modelon’s 2020.1 release.

New Features


DataAccess functions for have been added to support 3D data:

  • getRealArray3
  • putRealArray3
  • getRealArraySize3

As such, there is a new 3D table that can be parameterized to external data using DataAccess: DataAccess.Tables.ModelonTable3D.


  • Added interfaces for free / natural convection heat exchangers
    • HXFreeConvection
    • TwoPhaseFreeConv



  • The following discretized pipe models have been configured to allow for heat transfer to be driven by the mean temperature in each control volume:
    • DistributedChannel
    • DistributedPipe
    • DistributedTwoPhase
    • DistributedTwoPhaseMB
    • PipeDiscreteTLumpedP
  • Improved Modelica compliance for ph-Diagram scaling.
  • Detailed documentation on the parameterization of pump have been added to the following classes:
    • ThermoFluid.Pumps.Templates.PartialPump
    • ThermoFluid.Pumps.Pump
    • ThermoFluid.Pumps.PumpShaft


The following improvements have been made to the FlexBeam component:

  • It is now possible to use the FlexBeam as a force element without any states in a kinematic loop by using the forceElement flag.
  • It is now possible to define the cross section orientation of the beam for asymmetric cross sections using the beam_n_y parameter.
  • A visualizer has been added for the reference frame of the beam which can be turned on using the visualizeFrame parameter.
  • Positions of both frames of the beam can be specified using the r0A and r0B hardpoints instead of using vector r.
  • It is now possible to set fixed=true conditions and initial deformation velocity and acceleration for activated modes in addition to the deformation. This is done using the fixedElasticVelocity and fixedElasticAcceleration flags along with defining the initial values for the respective deformation mode.
  • The summary variables u_ftot and theta_ftot have been updated for FlexBeamME. They are now defined as deformation of frame_b of the last beam in the chain resolved in frame_a of the first beam instead of the sum of deformations in each beam.

Existing parametrization of the beam should remain unaffected by these changes.


  • Implemented media functions of density and temperature for SBTL media.

Build 2 (2020-03-30)

Updated license_manager.exe for Dymola to be compatible with the 3DExperience platform.

Build 3 (2020-06-12)

New SBTL Media Creator

Added SBTL Media Creator 0.1a1, a tool containing a Jupyter Notebook and supporting Python scripts for creating a spline-based table-lookup media model for a pure media using properties calculated by CoolProp 6.3.0 or RefProp 10.0. The SBTL Media Creator is found in Resources/Python/SBTL Media Creator.

Conversion of User Libraries

User libraries will automatically be converted from version 3.4. These conversions are made using the included conversion script: Modelon/Resources/Scripts/Convert_to_3.5.mos.