Version 1.20

Thermal Power Library 1.20 is part of Modelon's 2020.1 release. New versions of Modelons libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

Version 1.20 contains the changes described below.

Build 1 (2020-04-13)

New features

  • The ESCOA heat transfer correlation has been added to the library.


  • Initialization options enumeration is switched to that within the Modelon Base Library. Conversion script is provided to maintain backward compatibility.
  • Improved Modelica compliance for ph-Diagrams.

Build 2 (2020-04-13)


  • Updated vendor specific license manager.

Build 3 (2020-06-12)


Improvements in battery model

  • Charging rate is limited by minimum and maximum values.
  • Battery life time calculation is removed.
  • Start value of SoC is forced to be within minimum and maximum values of SoC.
  • Updating condition on how SoC is updated based on charging rate and SoC minimum and maximum values.
  • Changing battery capacity from variable to parameter.

Improvements in inverter, transformer and MPPT_Inverter

  • Making losses linear and symmetrical.
  • Explicitly naming connectors DC or AC.

Improvements in microgrid controller

  • Simplifications of if-branches of controller to three equations.