Version 1.21

Thermal Power Library 1.21 is part of Modelon's 2020.2 release. New versions of Modelons libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

Version 1.21 contains the changes described below.

Build 1 (2020-09-18)

New features

  • Model ThermalPower.Experiments.HeatExchangerSizing.EconomizerCalibration, packages ThermalPower.Experiments.DesignHRSG.DesignHRSG and ThermalPower.Experiments.CalibrationWaterSteamCycle
    have been added.
  • Hydrogen: New media model ThermalPower.Media.Gases.NaturalGasWithH2 has been added that contains components of conventional natural gas as well as hydrogen.
  • Hydrogen: Gas combustor example ThermalPower.FlueGas.Combustors.Examples.VariableCompositionCombustor has been added to demonstrate combustion of any combination of gas compositions ranging from natural gas to pure hydrogen gas.


  • Removing usage of Modelica.Icons.Library and Modelica.Icons.Library2 as they will be removed from Modelica Standard Library in next version and instead using Modelica.Icons.Package.
  • A major restructuring of the library has been performed. The top level examples package, ThermalPower.Examples, has been removed from the library. Instead, new top level packages have been created:ThermalPower.DistrictHeating, ThermalPower.Experiments, and ThermalPower.MicroGrid.
    ThermalPower.Examples.Solar has been merged into existing ThermalPower.Solar package.
  • OpenBraytonCycle from obsolete Examples.ThreePressureLevelBoiler has been moved to ThermalPower.FlueGas.TurboMachinery and renamed to OpenCycleGasTurbine.
  • Pipe components with dynamic delay have been moved from old Examples.DistrictHeating to ThermalPower.TwoPhase.FlowChannels.
  • Old packages Examples.Coal, Examples.Nuclear, Examples.Design, Examples.Optimization and Examples.ThreePressureLevelBoiler have been integrated into ThermalPower.Experiments.
  • The gas combustor model has been split into two parts for improved useability: One generic combustor model ThermalPower.FlueGas.Combustors.Templates.CombustorGeneric that can be used with any combination of gases and is recommended for advanced users and one predefined template for the gas combustor ThermalPower.FlueGas.Combustors.Combustor that uses a specified combination of media models and includes the combustion matrix and formation enthalpy vectors for this media. The conversion script for 1.21 version does not cover this update very well and the user might be forced to do a manual update to any potential broken models using the combustor model.
  • The ThermalPower.FlueGas.TurboMachinery.OpenCycleGasTurbine has been adapted for the usage of natural gas with hydrogen. This enables the user to change the composition of the fuel and include hydrogen also for the ThermalPower.Experiments.GasCombinedCycleThreePressure e.g. gradually increase hydrogen content in natural gas fuel.
  • Documentation update for ThermalPower.FlueGas.Combustors including examples on how to use combustors for various combinations of media models.
  • Boolean parameter useMeanTempDrivenQ has been added to components in ThermalPower.FlueGas.FlowChannels and ThermalPower.TwoPhase.FlowChannels which enables usage of the mean temperature in the flow channel heat flow equation in each control volume.
  • A bug in ThermalPower.TwoPhase.TurboMachinery.Pumps.Templates.PumpBase, causing the checkValve functionality to always be active, has been fixed.
  • Division by zero issue in ThermalPower.TwoPhase.FlowChannels.Pipe_lumpedP has been fixed.
  • The function vapourQuality in ThermalPower.Media.TwoPhase.WaterPolynomial has been renamed to vaporQuality.