Version 3.5

Vehicle Dynamics Library 3.5 is part of Modelon’s 2020.1 release.

New Features

Support for the Siemens Simcenter Tire Model

VDL has been extended to include support of the Siemens® Simcenter Tire 2020.1 model. Simcenter Tire is the Siemens branding for the former TNO/TASS Delft-Tyre portfolio.


With version 2020.1, Siemens releases a product that can replace version 6.2 as well as support real-time simulations. This allows standardization to one single MF-Tyre/MF-Swift version throughout all simulation environments. The SwiftTyre wheel model fully supports VDL built-in ground models and OpenCRG road descriptions.

Please see the SwiftTyre Forces block for more information, requirements, and limitations.

Polynomial based axle model

In addition to the new tabular axle models introduced in VDL 3.4 there is now also a polynomial based axle model. The axle carriage is found in Suspensions.Linkages.AxleCarriages.PolynomialTT and an axle suspension that implements it is found here: Suspensions.SingleAxles.Polynomial.



  • A new closed-loop longitudinal driver model has been added that has both steering angle and path velocity as an input. This allows more flexibility for the user to define a specific velocity source signal as input to a new longitudinal control block: ClosedLoop.Longitudinal.DesiredVelocity. Two new driver models have also been added: AutomaticI.ClosedLoopLongitudinal2, ManualH.ClosedLoopLongitudinal2.

Minor Changes

  • The interface for some tracking blocks has been changed to pass velocity directly as a real input connector, instead of using the percepts connector. This is to allow these blocks to be more easily used in customer driver models. The following blocks have changed: PreviewDistance, PreviewTime and LongitudinalTracker.

Obsolete Models

Conversion of User Libraries

User libraries will automatically be converted from version 3.4. These conversions are made using the included conversion script: VehicleDynamics/Resources/Scripts/Convert_to_3.5.mos.