Version 3.6

Vehicle Dynamics Library 3.6 is part of Modelon’s 2020.2 release.

New Features

Support for Sequential Transmissions

VDL has been extended to support sequential transmissions. This includes both transmissions and additional driver models. Two examples transmissions have been added: 5-speed and 6-speed. Eight driver models have been added to support these transmissions. This includes lateral closed-loop, longitudinal closed-loop, combined closed-loop, and open-loop models. One-loop model supports gear changes using paddle shifters.

Tire Longitudinal and Lateral Slip

The tire force interface has been extended to include output of the longitudinal slip ratio and lateral slip angle. Users that have implemented a custom tire force model that references this interface, the Diagram template or Textual template will have to add these outputs. For the Textual template, a value must be assigned to the kappa and alpha variables. For the Diagram template, a connection must be made to the kappa and alpha output connectors:



Change to Default Contact Calculation Model

The default contact calculation model in all wheel models has been changed to the Single model. Previously, the default contact calculation model was Generic. The Generic model allowed a user to add geometric or planar filtering for road unevenness calculations. If you were using geometric filtering that has filtering set either "Geometry weighted" or "Planar", you will have to redeclare the contact block to Generic.

Changes to AutomaticN and ManualN Gearsets

The AutomaticN and ManualN gearsets have been simplified. Previously, these models allowed the user to define stiffness and damping characteristics and backlash of the transmission gears. These gearsets have been simplified to eliminate requirement of specify gear characteristics. As such, the gear characteristic parameters: gear_table_c, gear_table_d, gear_table_b, phi_table_tau, w_table_tau have been removed from both the gearsets and the corresponding AutomaticI and ManualH transmissions. If you should like to include the transmissions gear characteristics in either the AutomaticI or ManualH transmission, you will have to redeclare the gear to: AutomaticN_GC or ManualN_GC, respectively. These gearsets have the parameters listed previously.

Minor Improvements

  • Replaceable mounts have been added to the FiveLinkTT1 linkage template to allow the use of toe and camber adjusters in five link rear suspensions.
  • The hub offset parameter is now consistently applied in both left and right linkages where a positive value results in an outward offset. Earlier the right hub required a negative value for an outward offset. The offset parameter has also been propagated to the upright and axle components.
  • A kingpin_lateral_offset parameter is available in the LumpedMass, Polynomial, and SwingArm reduced fidelity front suspensions to allow a lateral offset of the steering joint at the wheel center.
  • It is now possible to define viscous friction in the steering column for the RackLinear steering.

Minor Changes

Obsolete Models

  • The experiment templates from the Trucks example package have been removed. They have been replaced with standard Chassis experiments templates.
  • Conversion of User Libraries

    User libraries will automatically be converted from version 3.5. These conversions are made using the included conversion script: VehicleDynamics/Resources/Scripts/Convert_to_3.6.mos.