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Residential Heat Pumps🔗

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What are residential Heat Pumps?

Residential Heat pumps provide more efficient cooling and heating capabilities and furnaces or burners by re-distributing heat from the ground or ir through the use of a refrigerant.

How Residential Heat Pump works?

Residential Heat pumps re-distribute heat from the ground or air through the use of a refrigerant.

Task 1: Find the optimal components to meet performance demands

If the heat pump is to be the preferred choice for homeowners, it must be affordable and durable. The challenge is to balance affordable components without affecting lifespan and efficiency.

Task 2: Test new refrigerants to improve performance or lower costs

Heat pump manufacturers want to experiment with new refrigerants and new technology in order to keep pace with competition.

Task 3: Explore various commercial components

Heat pump manufacturers that use commercial components need to ensure they are sourcing the right ones. The challenge is to design models that allow easy replacement of components and compare data.