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Help Center release notes🔗

Welcome to the 2023.1 release of Modelon Help Center.

The Modelon Help Center release for Modelon Impact 2023.1 introduces Industry based Landing pages for Modelon libraries.


  • Introduction - Basic information about Modelon Impact and the terminology used in Modelon Impact is described in this section.
  • Modelon Impact - Guidance on how to use Modelon Impact is given here.
  • Libraries - Modelon provides libraries along with Modelon Impact. List of libraries are listed in this section.
  • Tutorials & Use Cases - This section contains tutorials and use cases for best practices.
  • Documentation - In this section, find documentation about how to install Impact, troubleshoot if there are any issue in installing Impact, System Requirements, Introduction about Modelon Impact Client, How Modelon Libraries are connected with each other libraries.
  • External Tools - External tools Like Optimica Compiler Tool kit, Functional Mock-up Interface, JupyterHub are explained.
  • Training - Get well trained with Modelon Impact and Modelica.
  • Release Notes - Find release details of Modelon Impact and Modelon Libraries.