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Help Center release notes🔗

Welcome to the 2023.2 release of Modelon Help Center.

New Tutorials🔗

  • Orifice Sizing: This tutorial is designed as a workshop, where the user can navigate through a number of predefined experiments built around the orifice sizing flow balancing experiment contained within Modelon's Liquid Cooling Library (LCL).

  • Compressor: This tutorial speaks about basic implementation of the compressor models that are part of Vapor Cycle Library (VCL).

  • Hydrogen Tutorial: This tutorial speaks about using hydrogen as fuel for an aircraft.

  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) tutorial: This tutorial has the information of how to treat NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) emissions from flue gas in combustion plants with the help of a catalyst using Modelon Impact.

  • Mechanics Introduction tutorial: This tutorial has the basic concepts that are necessary to understand when you are doing mechanics modeling in Modelon Impact.


  • Terminate Simulation block: This content provides you an introduction and how to use a terminate simulation block.
  • Only one project with a Modelica library of a specific name can be enabled at a time: In a workspace, you can only have one active project containing a Modelica library with a specific name enabled at any given time.
  • Limit result size: In this content you will know how to reduce the result file size by turning off the events.

  • The Modelon Help Center release for Modelon Impact 2023.2 have Industry based Landing pages for Modelon libraries.

  • Tabs are introduced to differentiate help materials for cloud and desktop offerings of Modelon Impact. If there are no tabs, that means the article applies to both cloud and desktop.

  • Turbojet multi-run model tutorial is removed in this release and would be published back soon.


  • Get Started - New 2023.2: instructions and videos to get started with Modelon Impact
  • Modelon Impact - Guidance on how to use Modelon Impact is given here.New 2023.2: content on how to manage Workspaces. Projects are introduced.
  • Libraries - Modelon provides libraries along with Modelon Impact. List of libraries are listed in this section. New 2023.2: model examples are published for improved navigation.
  • Tutorials & Training - This section contains tutorials and Training for best practices. New 2023.2: New tutorials added. Training materials updated
  • Release Notes - Find release details of Modelon Impact and Modelon Libraries. New 2023.2: release notes updated and expanded.