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Modelon Innovate 2022 OCT 19-20🔗

What is Modelon Innovate 2022?🔗

Modelon Innovate is a global event focused on system simulation for innovation and product design within commercial industries. Discover how leading companies design better products, go to market faster, and differentiate themselves from competitors with Modelon technology.

Agenda Modelon Innovate 2022 OCT 19-20🔗

Modelon Innovate is a global event focused on system simulation for innovation and product design within commercial industries.

Day 1

This day consists of the keynote and speaker sessions. After the conference, spend your night enjoying live entertainment, dinner, and wine on the M/S Waxholm III as we celebrate Modelon Innovate.

Day 2

This is a full day dedicated to hands-on workshops and training courses with Modelon technology. All current and prospective Modelon users are encouraged to attend. There is limited availability within each course on Day 2 .


Modelon features four demos at the Modelon Innovate event.

Demo 1: Clean Aircraft (video)🔗

Convert a model of the NASA X57 aircraft to fully electric propulsion. Simulate and visualize the new model via 3D viewer.

Demo 2: Power Plant Predictive Maintenance (video)🔗

Run a digital twin model of a heat exchanger in Modelon Impact to detect failures in the monitoring dashboard.

Demo 3: Detailed Battery Thermal Management (video)🔗

Run a complex battery thermal management model in Modelon Impact with different ambient temperatures.

Demo 4: Heat Pump for Residential Buildings (video)🔗

Integrate an HVAC heat pump model with the LBNL Buildings Library in Modelon Impact. Simulate different ambient pressures to measure heat pump power output.

Conference material🔗

Material for day 2🔗

Track 1: Basic Modelon Impact Hands-on Training

  • Getting Started with Modelon Impact Cloud
  • Tools and Add-ons with Modelon Impact Cloud
  • Modelon media properties
  • Track 2: Advanced Modelon Impact Hands-on Training

  • Turbocharging collaboration
  • Model initialization and debugging
  • Python client multi-run and advanced plotting
  • Track 3: Sustainable Aviation and Industrial Equipment Applications

  • Industrial equipment - HVACR applications
  • Traditional aerospace applications (No content)
  • Electrified and hydrogen hybrid aerospace applications (No content)
  • Track 4: Advanced Workflows and Applications

  • Creating app and deployment options
  • Open innovations
  • Dynamic optimization
        - Optimization Example
  • Track 5: Energy Technology Traditions and Leading Trends

  • Traditional energy applications
  • Hybrid energy systems applications
  • Energy CO2 capture for traditional energy applications
  • Track 6: Automotive Application Solutions

  • Air conditioning as a Heat Pump
  • Electrification Solutions for Automotive Applications
  • Vehicle dynamics solutions